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Who is Bringing the Salad?


These Events Don't Fail

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Who is Chairing the Booth?


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Event Managers
Create Events & Manage Attendance
  • Create and Advertise Events
  • Know in advance who and how many are coming.
  • Manage the numbers
  • Request Volunteers & Chaperones & Helpers
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  1. Let them know you are coming!
  2. Sign-up any person in your family - It's Easy
  3. View and change your sign-ups
  4. Sign-up to Volunteer at the event.
  • Volunteer Help Needed

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  • Mission Work Trip

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  • Young Adult Retreat

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  • Community Service Events

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  • Clean Up Day

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  • Workshops

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  • Hayride

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  • Youth Events

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  • Youth Trip

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  • Bible Study

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  • Retirement Dinner

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  • Christmas Dinner

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  • Team Building Events

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  • Workshops

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